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Love and Light For You

Here you will find information and services to help you  move forward positively with your life and health.

This web site is a work in progress and more will be added to it over time.

I hope that one day soon the people of today will be able to look back at what is being done now with the filling every one up with dangerous chemicals/poisons in the name of health, with the same horror we have for the dark ages with their blood letting and drilling holes into heads to cure illness. We now realize just how dangerous and ridiculous such things were, as is what passes for the current medical system of today.

My wish is to educate as many people as possible when it comes to improving their health for the better. This is why I am so passionate about truthful and accurate knowledge and take every opportunity to share good information. If every one cares and shares the real truth together we can make a big difference to all the people and our beautiful Earth!


My main goal is to create an Organic Healing Retreat in Tasmania that grows all of it's own food and restore peoples health. Whilst at the retreat people of all walks of life will be educated on good health and how to continue their new found practices in their own lives and families. I want to include a become cancer free clinic like the ones in Mexico, Germany and Latvia that have been eradicating cancer successfully for over 20yrs. As I have been helping people giving them how to become cancer free information for many years now.

If you would like to make a donation of any amount to help make this project a reality it is most welcomed.

I have had people comment that the things I do are nothing like every one else or the other stuff out there. 

I however can not comment as to weather that is so as I am not out there at all, and never really have been. I have not had television or radio for 20 years. No Internet until recently. I have mostly lived up the bush and avoid crowds. I have not gone to spiritual or hippy type  xepos, festivals, events or done any courses. All my knowledge comes from my own life experience, my connection to source and the things I have discovered through friends, family and clients. My abilities are gifts that I was born with and come to me naturally. I have no wish to conform to the norm. 

What this site is all about:

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