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Love and Light For You

About Lady Sunshine

Hello to you all, I was born in Australia and gifted with many abilities since birth which I have always used to help as many people as I can.

I was also born badly physically deformed and the Doctors said I wouldn't live (well I proved them wrong) I had a lot of major surgery as a baby and child. Which meant spending a lot of time extremely ill and in hospital. Luckily for me I was always due to die any day so that no one said to me things like: "your very strange or weird" or "that's not real it's just your imagination" or "how do you know that" or "that's not possible" etc etc etc........ So I had no idea that the things I could do were special or different in any way.

After many years of keeping a very low profile just working with those I came across in my life who were directed to me for help, I am now going public on this web site due to popular demand. It has been insisted upon from many sources that I make myself available to many more people. So here I am finally putting myself out there!  

 I chose Lady Sunshine as Sunshine is a nick name I have been consistently given many times over by many different people through out my entire life! I also adore the sunshine!

I passionately care about mankind and always have done since an early age.

As a child I got in trouble for giving away my things, inviting strangers and vagabonds into the house for dinner, giving away our food, letting them use our bathroom and mums good towels. (Just to name a few.) Which did not go down well with my mother at all.

I was a problem child as I just could not manage "to be normal".  I was always rescuing injured animals of all sorts and as I grew up it was people too.

Now days I am very glad that I am far from what is considered "normal" as my abilities allow me to help people in profound life changing ways.  

I often hear people saying they wish they were like me too. However please keep in mind that there are two sides to every coin and having these abilities 24/7 can be a burden as well, as every thing in peoples lives and the world is not always rosy to say the very least. With great insight and power comes great responsibility that I feel on a deep level at all times. So it is extremely lucky for me that the wonderful joy and uplifting energy I receive for helping people makes it all worth while! 

I have had many thousands of amazing experiences on my travels and had the honor of meeting many fabulous people from ALL walks of life.

I grew up in an extremely materially wealthy family that was very abusive and I ran the other way quite young. (with a little help from my mother who threw me out for getting raped at 13 and loosing my virginity, thanks to her total lack of sexual education I might add)

I lived on the streets for a short while, which was a huge eye opener and massively different to what I had grown up with and had been led to believe.

 I had some very interesting experiences and met a lot of colorful people.  My first official paying job was at McDonalds. One of my favorite jobs when I was young was driving semi trailers (big trucks.)

Doctors had always told me I could never have children so I became a nanny and loved it.

I particularly enjoyed working at the Vets helping animals and wanted to become a Vet but it never happened.


 I have lived in a lot of different places over the years constantly moving.

I am a very happy mother with great children whom I have great friendships with. When my 1st born Daughter came home from school at 13 years old and wrapped her arms around me profusely thanking me for being such a good Mum not only did it make my day and melt  my heart, it made me realize I must be doing an ok job of being a mother after all.

I am extremely grateful to her for all of her wisdom and fantastic help!!! It is thanks to her that I now have some basic standard social skills. She was 10 and I will never forget the day she explained to me that "when people say G'day how are you going, they are not really asking how are you going it is just a social politeness, it is a way of saying hi only, they don't want an honest or detailed answer they will be happy with a "good thanks" and a general comment like  "been busy" I was skeptical and tried it out on the next few people, I was horrified to discover that not only was she right but that my short shallow replies worked and they were happy with such an exchange. Needless to say she has filled me in on "how it is" on many occasions and taught me a lot.

I greatly appreciate my other children also!!! It is thanks to them I am still alive I'm sure. As living with these abilities can be devastatingly heart breaking at times.

They also bring the most amazing opportunities to help change peoples lives for the better which I totally love with a passion!!!

So it is my honor to be of service to you in your quest for a better life!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of LOVE and LIGHT to you all. THANK YOU!

Lady Sunshine.

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