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Energy Readings

Love and Light For You

Lady Sunshine has over 30yrs experience doing psychic readings, this includes picking up on many things such as your next holiday, upcomming events or meetings, your business, your employees,  finding out what is happening and which direction will yeald best results or which empoyees are good or a problem or need help, or what they are realy up to, and anything else you wish to know. Lady Sunshine can help you sort out whats what and who's best etc...

Maybe there is another area of your life you would like answers for and help with. Lady Sunshine has found missing objects, pets and people. Located murderes, kidnappers and persons of intrest for the police and busted a huge shipment of hard drugs. Located a stolen truck and the theives. Helped people avoid disasters and fix them personal, family, financial etc....Helped get family units and organizations back on track. The list is very varied and long it all depends on what is going on for you and in your life and what you would like to know!


I originaly went to see Lady Sunshine for a personal reading as a good friend of mine HIGHLY recommended her. My friend was right she amazed and shocked me. Then she picked up on the problems I was having with my company (which I was not expecting) where I employ 155 staff. I was having some major disastors that could have affected the safety of other companies workers due to our product failures. As it turned out my top forman was doing drugs in the staff toilets instead of his job. My favorite office girl who got around talking to everyone turned out to be a psycho who delighted in causing issues amoung all the staff and watching the resulting showdowns. There were others that needed sorting out too but these two were the biggest surprises to me as I would never have suspected them. I never had to say a word about any of them, Sunshine would just stare past me and then start describing someone and I would say who I thought it was and between her descriptions and questions we'd work out who she was picking up on. How she could be so accurate about people she never even met is beyond me. Thanks to her amazing insight I was able to clean up my staff issues and have a smoother operation a safer factory floor happier working environment with the added bonus of a better proffit margin. Thank you from Scott

As I am a government employed prosecutor I am not at liberty to give my name. However as Lady Sunshine has helped me with my wife's health issues successfuly and her insight into a few of my criminal cases was so helpful I was happy to provide her with a testimonial for her excellent work. Thanks to her knowing insight I was able to find a third person invoved in a multiple murder that was not on our radar previously. I was able to produce fresh evidence  to free an innocent man from gaol on a false rape charge. I also had written down some questions that she suggested I ask in a particular case that swung the verdict my way in the end. Sunshine shone a light on many cases I had unanswerable questions about and cleared up many of my curiosities I had about certain clients supposed truths. I wish I could keep her in my brief case when at work how much easier my job would be. It is a shame I am not able to legally employ her to help out with cases, I checked and it was a big no way. Needless to say our justice system leaves a lot to be desired.

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