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With over 30 years experience in personal readings, Lady Sunshine is proficient in different styles!

Handwriting & Photograph Reading $80 

Send Lady Sunshine a handwritten letter and photographs of yourself.

At least 2 or more current  photographs of yourself to receive a detailed reading.

A handwritten letter briefly stating the issues you want addressed in your life at the moment, what you hope to gain from this reading and any questions you have. Please provide a typed copy of your handwritten letter also. The photographs need to show your face AND eyes clearly & unobstructed, to gain a clear reading and must be very recent!  PLEASE pay via this web site first to assure you get your reading and remember to put your receipt number clearly at the top of your letter.

Please include a self addressed /stamped envelope for postal readings and allow up to 2 weeks for your reply. (photos will be returned)

*  Post to:   Lady Sunshine PO Box 344 Mowbray TAS 7248

* Email to:    allow up to 3 days for your reply.


Phone Call $200 per 1/2 hour

Talk to Lady Sunshine on the phone, where she can pick up on you and your issues on the spot giving you instant feedback and insight as you go. She will call you at no additional cost to you.

To book a reading please call Chrissy on 0458 500 343 in Australia.

Face to Face $300

Meet Lady Sunshine in Person in Tasmania!  For a truly unique experience you will not forget you can have a very personal one on one session, where the reading is all about you and what is going on in your life.

Enjoy the amazement of being within her powerful energy field where you just never know what may happen! To book an in person reading please call Chrissy 0458500343 in Australia.

To book a session or save a date you can contact me

on Telegram: LadySunshine7

or via eMail! :-)

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