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Love and Light For You

Lady Sunshine's Testimonials:

Here are some testimonials with a typed transcript just to make it easier to read 

the only difference you may notice is that the spelling has been corrected in the typed transcripts.

Thank you for your honesty, integrity, and kindness you showed to us both. Not all things in life are easy or wonderful, and it's so important that we can prepare for these battles. Thank you for helping us with our armor. Bec & Gina x x x

My Reading With Lady Sunshine

I was visiting family in a small town and found myself once again asking the universe for direction. I have seeked out many psychics in my life but Lady Sunshine came into my life without me having to look. I entered a local crystal shop and there she was, casually working away when she noticed me. Straight away she recognized that I needed help and in one conversation blew me away with her insight. I had been discussing my blood pressure earlier that morning and the first thing she said to me, before I could even begin talking, was "blood pressure". 

I booked several sessions and gained more knowledge and help from Lady Sunshine than all my previous years of seeing mediums and psychics. The universe had answered my plea.

She is Absolutely Amazing,   All the Very Best,  Jeff  

I've enjoyed my reading with Sunshine. Particularly spot on about my current relationship and my gorgeous children - Thank you Sunshine-

My Reading with Sunshine 31/10/14

   She was very accurate, knew things that I had never told anyone about. She was very gentle. She was always on point about everything. I used to be skeptical but now I'm not. I'm glad that I bumped into her today.

It was truly amazing and more than worth it. Thank you Sunshine!

Bless you. Miss J. )i(

Donna testimonial.jpg

Lady Sunshine and I have been talking for years: I asked Lady for healing as I suffer neck pain a lot: One session with Lady and fixed my neck for a year. I found Lady Sunshine to be spot on with all words passed. Lady can read ones voice, can tell you things - you ask yourself how... Very happy - positive lady, very careing - with lots of love & light to offer. Cheers Thank You Dearly Lady Sunshine XX Donna

I've traveled around Australia many times. On this trip one of the most mind blowing things that ever happened to me was this conversation I just had with this random woman. She give me what she called a reading for one of me art works I sell outa me trusty old camper. She was coming out with some pretty outrageous things but they was straight up right that's for sure. I don't know how she knew all the things she knew about me travels, me mates, me family, me life, me art work en all. Some kind of freaky mind power thing I recon. I was happy to barter one of me art works for her. Thanks for the blast Sunshine Russ

Sunshine would have to be one of the most gifted people I've ever met and that's saying something considering all the places and fantastic people I've met. All my friends were dying to meet her when I told them all about how amazing she is! Thank You for all your kind support and Love xxxxoooo Jenny :)

Meeting Sunshine   I have never believed in any of this paranormal stuff until meeting this chick. She scared the shit out of me big time. There is NO explanation for how she knew all the things she knew about just NO way! The evening I spent with her was the most unique experience of my bloody life. She may be super weird but she is super cool too! Good on ya for keeping it real Sunshine:) B.J.X_ 

It was so fortuitous to meet Lady Sunshine when I did. I hate to think how things may have turned out for me and my family otherwise. I met her at a very delicate time in our lives and had she not been so open and honestly straight forward with me I very well may have made the wrong decisions regarding my families well being. Meeting Sunshine when I did was truly a gift from God! God Bless you, Thank you many times over xxx. Mrs Baxter 

The most significant experiences of my life would have to be my sessions with Lady Sunshine. She has an incredible way of dealing with emotional things so they are not so bad any more. She showed a lot of patients and understanding which was new for me in a lot of ways. I would highly recommend her for any one struggling with their own truth. She is a good person. Davy Ellingten. Thank you. 


I originaly went to see Lady Sunshine for a personal reading as a good friend of mine HIGHLY recommended her. My friend was right she amazed and shocked me. Then she picked up on the problems I was having with my company (which I was not expecting) where I employ 155 staff. I was having some major disastors that could have affected the safety of other companies workers due to our product failures. As it turned out my top forman was doing drugs in the staff toilets instead of his job. My favorite office girl who got around talking to everyone turned out to be a psycho who delighted in causing issues amoung all the staff and watching the resulting showdowns. There were others that needed sorting out too but these two were the biggest surprises to me as I would never have suspected them. I never had to say a word about any of them, Sunshine would just stare past me and then start describing someone and I would say who I thought it was and between her descriptions and questions we'd work out who she was picking up on. How she could be so accurate about people she never even met is beyond me. Thanks to her amazing insight I was able to clean up my staff issues and have a smoother operation a safer factory floor happier working environment with the added bonus of a better proffit margin. Thank you from Scott



As I am a government employed prosecutor I am not at liberty to give my name. However as Lady Sunshine has helped me with my wife's health issues successfuly and her insight into a few of my criminal cases was so helpful I was happy to provide her with a testimonial for her excellent work. Thanks to her knowing insight I was able to find a third person invoved in a multiple murder that was not on our radar previously. I was able to produce fresh evidence  to free an innocent man from gaol on a false rape charge. I also had written down some questions that she suggested I ask in a particular case that swung the verdict my way in the end. Sunshine shone a light on many cases I had unanswerable questions about and cleared up many of my curiosities I had about certain clients supposed truths. I wish I could keep her in my brief case when at work how much easier my job would be. It is a shame I am not able to legally employ her to help out with cases, I checked and it was a big no way. Needless to say our justice system leaves a lot to be desired.

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