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Love and Light For You

Personal Psychic Readings

Lady Sunshine has over 30yrs experience doing psychic readings, energy work, spiritual work, personal, marriage and trauma counseling, just to name a few.  Always with the utmost respect and caring for her clients.  

She has an enthusiastic straight forward and honest approach to all of her work.

She has a gift for getting to the root of issues and helping you move forward happily!

A personal one on one reading with our experienced psychic is totally confidential  and can bring you great peace of mind and solid answers when you want them, with love and understanding, for where you are at in life and where you want to be.

Gain insight into your life and beyond with a personal reading.

*Do you have questions no one seems to be able to answer?

*Would you like some meaningful direction?

*Are you searching for the truth?

*Do you have some issues you'd like dealt with?

Lady Sunshine is able to help!

As you can see the testimonials for Lady Sunshine's readings are hand written all genuine articles, which is why we have gone to the effort of scanning them and adding them to the Testimonials page for you. Therefor we ask that once you have received your reading if you would like to can you please provide a hand written letter of your own experience with Lady Sunshine. Thank You!

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