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How to be Cancer Free!

Here at Love and Light For You we believe that: 

No one should have to suffer with cancer when it is possible to be cancer free and that is without being poisoned by chemo or radiation both of which cause and spread cancer. There is now a ton of honest science that proves this as fact. 


 We have all heard the story's of people who got rid of their cancer. It does happen!


But how did they do it exactly is the question. Here you will find the truth and all the answers and information you need to become truly cancer free, and not just in remission. Including real life story's of how different people became truly cancer free.  Gain the knowledge and power to help yourself and/or your loved ones live a longer healthier life in freedom from illness and fear.

This information is for EVERY ONE!  If you would like to make a donation it is greatly appreciated and will go towards opening a HEALTH RETREAT in Tasmania with a become cancer FREE clinic that also educates people to continue their new found health and life when they leave. How much is up to you from a dollar to a million dollars it all helps. THANK YOU!                              

HELP AND SUPPORT  is available via phone if you or a loved one would like some guidance navigating all that is necessary to become cancer free.  We canot offer medical advice. A session is $120 and is untimed, it can be an hour or more depending on the individual circumstances. To book a session Please call Chrissy 0458500343 (Australia) and you will be called back at no extra cost to you from a private number.

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