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Light Worker's Quiz

Ok there are 10 questions, so write the numbers 1 to 10 down the side of a piece of paper. There are 4 options for answers :

                        NO               Sorta, Kinda, Sometimes             YES               Totally BIG YES

1 Do you often feel like the odd one out, a bit of a loner. Do you get the feeling of loneliness despite having good friends?

2 Do you seem to attract projects, people who are a mess and need heaps of help, and you help them heaps?

3 Are you the kind of person that finds people are always taking you into their confidence telling you things, even telling you    their secrets, then exclaiming they have no idea why they are telling you all this?

4 Do you find the average persons conversations petty and/or they just bore you to death. Does the average persons whineing  about their lives and lack of meaningful conversations get on your nerves?

5 Do you change the circles you move in often and/or move house/town/city a lot, yet nowhere really feels like home no matter    how nice or great the place is? Are you home sick?

6 Would you say that you don't really like people and would much rather live in the country or in seclusion yet at the same time      you are inexplicably drawn to help others?

7 Do you find that when people come into your life you quickly get very involved with them on a personal level and then when    you have helped them deal with their issues they seem to leave your life just as quickly as they came into it?

8 Are you the kind of person who is happy to give freely weather it be items, money or your time and effort with no expectations   of a return?

9 Do you get board easily despite there being plenty of types of entertainment and distractions these days, however just getting   the opportunity to help someone out makes your day? 

10 Could your personal motto be "Happy to be of service to others!"?

OK so how did you go? Lets find out!  For every answer allocate a number then add up your tally. Go for it, then add them up!

                       NO = 0             Sorta, Kinda, Sometimes = 1               YES = 5                 Totally BIG YES = 10

Your score:

   0     It is obvious that you are not a Light Worker. It is suggested to you that you work on being more loving and kind to those               around you and keep in mind such sayings as:  We reap what we sow,  What goes around comes around,  Do unto others             as you would have them do unto you.

3-5   You may not be a Light Worker however you do have the capacity to care so good on you. The more Love and Kindness you 

          show to others and bring into this world the better you help to make it!

5-15  You may not be a light worker OR you may be a Light Worker just waking up. It is clear that you do care about others and               you are capable of putting yourself out there so well done! If the more loving, kind and helpful to others the more for-filled           and happy you feel the more likely it is you may be a Light Worker waking up to your mission of service to others. Keep up

          the good work!

15-30 It is quite likely that you are a Light Worker waking up and being loving, kind and helpful to others brings you a great deal

           of fulfillment.  If yes, then you are on the right track. Well done! Being of service to others will bring you a great deal of joy            as you are for-filling your mission to help raise the vibration of Earth. Ignore any criticism you may encounter from others            and do what  feels right. Remember to love and care for yourself too along the way so you can stay strong to do your 

           good work! Know that your efforts are appreciated! 

30-50 You are most likely a Light Worker who has enjoyed being of service to others for some time. You are well acquainted with            the joy of loving and helping others. You will find the more you do for others the more for-filled and better you will feel.

           Always keep a balance and remember to look after yourself as well. You will be no good to yourself or others for that 

           matter if you are run down, unhealthy or burned out. Know that your love, kindness and service to others is greatly

           appreciated and that you are doing a wonderful job of helping to raise the Earths vibration! FANTASTIC!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!

50-100 You are a Light Worker and probably know it. You certainly know that being loving, kind and of service to others for-fills

              you and brings you great joy like nothing else. This is because by doing so you are for-filling your mission and you are

              successfully helping to raise the Earths vibration. So super WELL DONE for doing a GREAT JOB!!!!!  Know that all your

              work and efforts are GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!  


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