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Love and Light For You

Protection Tutorial:

The protection of ones self is important at any age. There is no such thing as too old or too young when it comes to being protected. In this context we are talking about whole being protection, your physical self known as your fleshy body, your energy self known as your energy field or aura, your true or eternal self known as your soul. Then there are the vital parts of you such as your spirit, your life force, your chakras and your connection to source and Earth.

The phrase "surround yourself in white light" may sound good however it can be quite dangerous as surrounding yourself in white light can trap any negative or dark energies in there with you which is not desirable.

To safely, accurately and sufficiently protect yourself it is best to white light your being from the center outward at least 3 meters. Your own connection is the safest scourse of light which is within us all. You can picture the white light coming from within you, and spreading throughout your entire being exploding from the center outward for at least 3 meters in all directions, forcing out any hidden negative or dark energies, anything there that is not for your highest best wellbeing. You can picture the white light going through your feet and down into the center of the Earth for grounding also.

This can be done any where at any time in as little as a second of thought when you are practiced at it.

When you feel not quite right, when you step from your car or house, when the phone rings, when someone is upset or angry around you or at you, in the shops, walking down the street, in the shower, getting ready to go out etc etc etc.... absolutely any where and any time you feel the need, or just as a general precaution, even as a quick pick me up! White light is the essence of true unconditional love!!!

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